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Month: April, 2015

How to spot real cheating girls

You have to remember that there are all sorts of website that supposedly stock cheating girls and local cheaters, these are chicks with boyfriends or husbands. It’s easy to think that if you join a website that caters to cheating girls then you will automatically get laid. You’re more than welcome to think that way, but the reality is completely different. You’re actually faced with two things.


First, there’s the supply and demand issue. I know this may be a shock, but you’re not the first guy to think that just because you’re targeting cheating girls that you will automatically increase your chances of getting laid. Unfortunately, that kind of thinking is very popular, so guess what? You go into a place that’s supposedly packed with cheating women, instead it’s packed with sausages. It’s as if you stepped into a gay dating forum or gay dating website. There are very few real women. Instead, it is wall to wall cocks and balls. That’s just the reality. It’s very easy to confuse such websites and mobile app platforms with sausage factories.


The other reality is that a lot of the cheating girls out there are just there for the thrills. In other words, they’re not really there to cheat. They can say all sorts of sexy things to try to get you off or get you so hot and bothered that you end up jerking off, but that’s pretty much it. In fact, many of these women are trolling. They get off on getting dudes hot and bothered as they chase after that pussy. In the end, they don’t put out. In other words, when it comes down to setting up a time and place, so you can get down to business, most of them chicken out. This is a key reality that you need to face.